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Energy From The Planets (Unisex)


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Get the healing power of the Planets

This elegant bracelet is meant for both men and women with nine unique stones for every planet. 

White Agate Stone (Mercury) Benefits:

This is a lovely milky white color stone. It is suitable for those having abdominal problems, wound healing, and skin infections. This stone additionally protects you during nightmares and difficult things of the day. Also, it removes all the negativity and brings a positive angle and love in your life.

Metal Bead (Venus) Benefits:

It balances your mind, body, and spirit and is acknowledged for its soothing energy and protection. This stone improves your mental health, verbal expressions, and thoughts. It is an attractive gemstone with calming properties.

Emperor Stone (Earth) Benefits:

An elegant bluestone also called a friendship stone brings wisdom, sincerity, self-consciousness, and honesty. It regulates the function of the thyroid gland and is suitable for arterial hypertension. It also helps in accepting the truth and improving communication.

Red Agate Stone (Mars) Benefits:

It is an elegant crystal which is good for emotional wellbeing. It's well-known for relieving stress, for good sleep and relaxation. It will bring success in your life. It also protects the primary chakra of the body and relieves eye pain and fever. 

Tiger Eye Stone (Jupiter) Benefits:

As the name shows, it is the stone of protection from evil eye and brings good luck. This stone energizes your emotional body, stabilizes your mood swings, and gives you power, courage, and self-confidence. It is beneficial for bones, spine, eyes, and throat.

Yellow Agate Stone (Saturn) Benefits:

This stone helps in increasing your will power, memory, and concentration. It detoxifies your system, provides strength to your heart, improves eyesight, and treats upset stomachs and helps prevent depression. Yellow agate stone gives you self-confidence and also the power to learn from your past mistakes.

Amazonite Stone (Uranus) Benefits:

Amazonite helps to balance all the chakras in your body. It has some unique soothing energy that releases your stress and heals your trauma. It calms your brain, diminishes fear and worries. It absorbs all the microwaves and is beneficial for tooth decay and osteoporosis.

Lapis Lazuli Stone (Neptune) Benefits:

It brings deep peace in your life, encourages self-awareness, boosts your confidence, and protects you from panic attacks. It additionally helps to express your feelings and build relationships. This stone also purifies your blood, lowers blood pressure, reduces insomnia, and is good for bone marrows.

Garnet Stone (Pluto) Benefits:

Garnet stone is related to root chakra in your body; it regulates blood circulation, provides strength to spleen, liver, and lungs. It additionally protects from poising, depression, and hemorrhages. It is especially for those who are regular travelers as it ensures safe traveling. It is also famous for bringing success in your life.

Why This Solar System Energy Bracelet?

In addition to all the above qualities, this is a customized beaded bracelet with a secure hook. The inner diameter of the bracelet is 5-8cm, and the inner circumference is 15-25 cm that is also adjustable.

This bracelet is ideal for each occasion; it will add fashion to your life and simultaneously give you lots of benefits.