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Permium Space/Solar System Bracelet


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Vendor: Lucky Charms SKU: 12681625-beads-8mm-1Tags: Chakra, Healing, Men, Solar, Tiger Eye, Women


Premium Handcrafted Space / Solar System Bracelet.

Throughout our lives, we create our little worlds, our galaxies, and the universe. We build up relationships with other people and share our energy with them. Become the Sun of your Solar System, wearing all eight planets around your wrist with this Solar System Bracelet.

Unique Solar System Bracelet Made Of The Planets

The solar system bracelet is made for lovers of space and astrology. Each planet has its significance and benefit. It enhances your confidence and depicts that you are essential in your way.

  • Type: Beads Bracelet, elastic 
  • Color: Multiple colors
  • Bead Size: 8mm, Adjustable.
  • Size: Elastic Cord.
  • Bracelet for both Men and Women

Moreover, it creates powerful energy and positivity in the body.

Gemstones in Bracelet Denoting The Solar System For Lovers of The Space And Astrology.

Keep the world on a string or your wrist. This beaded space bracelet resembles the Solar System made out of semi-precious stones on a chain link. 

Eight stones are used, all of which exemplify all the planets in our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The Sun and The Moon.

  1. The Sun: The golden crystal, which is considered as Sun, encourages high vanity and optimism. It has a deep connection with a healthy body as the Sun is essential for all life on earth.
  2. Mercury: The yellow stone is considered Mercury, which plays a crucial role in increasing critical thinking, intelligence, and wisdom. 
  3. Venus: Is recognized by a pink or green stone known for the rock of expression. It blossoms creativity. Moreover, it treats menstrual and fertility problems in women. 
  4. Earth: The Stone of Earth generates a chunk of land floating just in front of the wearer's neck. It provides luck and peace.
  5. Mars: Although Mars is most diminutive amongst all, it symbolizes strength and courage.
  6. Jupiter: The stone that makes the wearer thinks in all aspects, regardless of being bias.
  7. Saturn: The brownstone is denoted as Saturn, which helps in doing things out of the box. 
  8. Uranus: Symbolizes liberty and independence.
  9. Neptune and Pluto:They are the self-stone that strengthen the connection with themselves. 
  10. The Moon: Is the most important amongst all, which eases overwhelming emotions and improves intuitions.

Get This Space Mini Jewellery Which Consists of The Entire Solar System.

You will have a sweet experience with this solar system bracelet. It will feel and look amazing on the wrist. You can use it as a beaded essential oil bracelet or gift it to your loved ones as a beautiful relation bracelet. It is a unisexual bracelet worn by both Men and Women. 

So, click and grab the outstanding solar system bracelet, which will benefit you in many ways.