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3 Elements Bracelet (Unisex)


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Vendor: Lucky Charms SKU: 16320693-3-color-about-19cmTags: Chakra, Charm, Healing, Men, Tibetan, Tiger Eye, Women


The three natural element bracelet is composed of 3 precious stones named as tiger eye, black obsidian, and hematite.

The unique feature of tiger eye crystal is that it emboldens one to chase his dreams and alters negative vibes into positive ones. It rejuvenates your pain, repairs broken bones, and strengthens the spinal cord. Moreover, it makes the wearer confident in his life.

Another priceless stone is black obsidian, which was manufactured from fast cooling lave, flowing from a volcano. Wearing this stone connects one with the spiritual world by connecting to a spiritual guide.

The dark black obsidian has its healing properties such as it aids in digestive problems, ease gall bladder issues, promote healthy heart, and lower the blood pressure level. Not only this, but its healing energy is beneficial for viral and bacterial infections. Last but not least, it reduces anxiety and provides insight into the discomfort and pain in the body.

The most exciting fact about this crystal is that it's lucky to possess in terms of wealth as it turns bad luck into good luck. It is called the stone of love, as it makes your love life jubilant and easy.

Another stone that serves as a gem to this bracelet is hematite. It has vibrations in it which assist spiritual balancing and grounding. The unique property is that it boosts up self-esteem and will power. Whenever you decide to eschew any addiction, this stone will avail you of doing so. As it is composed of iron, it is widely used in the field of medicine.

Apart from reducing stress and anxiety, it has a positive effect on the heart and circulatory system. Just like black obsidian being a lucky stone for wealth, hematite is beneficial for good wealth.

This handmade 3 in 1 bracelet is very elastic with the advantage for both men and women.