Product Name: Flower Crystal Sterling Silver Necklace

Overview: The Flower Crystal Sterling Silver Necklace is a stunning piece of jewelry that combines the beauty of nature with the enchantment of healing crystals. The necklace features intricate designs of lotus flowers, fairies, and a captivating healing crystal. Wearing this necklace not only enhances your style but also enriches your spirit and overall well-being.


  • Stone: Adorned with shimmering zircon stones, adding a touch of elegance and brilliance.
  • Color: Silver
  • Size: The pendant measures approximately 22x22mm, making it a charming focal point.
  • Chain: It comes with an 18-inch cable chain, ensuring a comfortable fit around the neck.
  • Weight: The necklace weighs approximately 3.5g, providing a lightweight and comfortable wearing experience.
  • Material: Crafted from high-quality 925 silver, known for its durability and timeless beauty.

Package Includes:

  1. Necklace: The Flower Crystal Sterling Silver Necklace, featuring intricate lotus flower, fairy, and healing crystal designs.
  2. Delicate Jewelry Box: A specially designed box to present the necklace in an elegant and protective manner.
  3. Gift Bag: A stylish gift bag for convenient gifting.
  4. Maintenance Instruction: A detailed guide on how to care for and maintain the necklace’s quality and shine.
  5. Silver Polishing Cloth: A soft cloth specifically designed for polishing and cleaning the silver, ensuring it retains its lustrous appearance.

The Flower Crystal Sterling Silver Necklace combines the allure of nature with the positive energy of healing crystals. It serves as a beautiful reminder to nurture your spirit and embrace well-being. Whether worn for its aesthetic appeal or for its potential therapeutic benefits, this necklace is a delightful accessory that exudes grace and positive vibes.


Additional information

Weight 0.01 g
Dimensions 75 × 75 × 21 in

cable chain




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