Guardian Angel Wings Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace


The Guardian Angel Wings Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace is a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry. The pendant features an exquisite design of guardian angel wings, symbolizing protection and guidance. By wearing this necklace, you can embrace the everlasting presence of a guardian angel in your life. Angel pendants are known to represent auspiciousness, beauty, and purity. They carry the symbolism of peace, kindness, beauty, and happiness. It’s also a wonderful gift option to bless your loved ones and friends with everlasting luck.


Metal Type: 925 Silver Metal
Color: White Gold Plated
Personalized: Non-Personalized
Theme: Angel Wings Stone
Type: Abalone Shell
Chain Type: Cable Chain
Chain Length: 18+2 inches
Gender: Females
Age: Teenagers, 20-30 years old, 30-40 years old, 40-60 years old
Occasion: Party, Anniversary, Dating, Daily, Engagement, Wedding, Graduation Ceremony
Stone Color: White


Crafted from 925 silver, the Guardian Angel Wings Pendant Necklace showcases a stunning white gold plated finish, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. The pendant’s intricate design depicts beautifully detailed angel wings, capturing the essence of angelic protection and grace.

Enhancing the pendant’s allure, the use of abalone shell as the stone type adds a captivating iridescent quality. The shell’s unique play of colors reflects light and creates a mesmerizing effect, symbolizing the ethereal nature of angels.

The necklace features a cable chain, providing strength and durability while remaining delicate and stylish. The chain is 18 inches in length with an additional 2-inch extension, allowing for adjustable wear to suit your preferred neckline.

Designed for females of various ages, this necklace is suitable for teenagers, young adults, and mature individuals alike. It can be worn on various occasions, including parties, anniversaries, dates, daily wear, engagements, weddings, and graduation ceremonies.

The white stone color further accentuates the angelic symbolism, evoking purity and serenity. It complements any outfit, adding a touch of elegance and spiritual connection.

The Guardian Angel Wings Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace serves as a beautiful reminder of the presence of guardian angels in our lives. Embrace its symbolism, wear it with pride, and cherish the auspicious blessings it represents.



Additional information

Weight 0.01 g
Dimensions 75 × 75 × 21 in





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