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Premium 8mm Lava Stone Bracelet


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Vendor: Lucky Charms SKU: 5848502-1Tags: Chakra, Diffuser, Fashion, Lava Stone, Love, Mantra, Men, Women


Premium 8mm Lava Stone Aromatherapy Bracelet

Lava gravel aromatherapy bracelets are the absolute accessory to enjoy the benefits of essential oils during the day. Lava stones are made from spontaneously cooled volcanic lava. Lava stone is renowned for its grounding attributes and is said to bring stability, balance and attachment.

The porous nature of the rocks makes it perfect for aromatherapy practice, allowing the essential oils to be absorbed into the stone and the aroma dispersed with the warmth of the skin. 

How To use

To use your lava stone bracelet, place 1 or 2 drops of essential oil on the lava baubles. Let the oil consume into the beads.

You can rub any essential oil debris into your hand or on your wrists and inhale to get extra privileges. Repeat throughout the day when needed.

Use only 1-2 drops of essential oils as a large amount may damage the inner elastic of the bracelet.

Beads: 8mm 

Unisex: Women & Men

Materials: Hand selected semi-precious stones elegantly crafted

Caution: Some essential oil may produce phototoxicity. Make sure you bypass sun exposure if you use all citrus essential oils. Avoid using the essential oil quickly on the skin unless mixed with a carrier oil.

The Fantastic Black Beaded Lava Stone Bracelet Will Serve as a Cherry on Top of Your Style.

The black beaded bracelet is composed of lava stones, an ancient stone made of fiery strength of volcano. This crystal is considered the stone of rebirth.

Apart from the historical background, it has a strong connection with the earth. The lava stone marks the distinctive property of the calming human body. Furthermore, it transforms negative energies into positive ones and thereby activating the body cells. It increases one's general power and assertiveness.

Mainly lava stones are utilized as diffusers for essential oils because of their porous nature. Most people use essential oils as an alternative therapy for combating anxiety and stress.

Wearing a bracelet of lava stone helps relieve stress without any side effects that you may acquire through stress-relieving pills. This outstanding bracelet increases immunity as it has autoimmune properties allowing the body to fight against harmful pathogens.

Here is the solution to body pain and muscle tension due to work overload-you need to wear this round adjustable lava stone bracelet.

Great Gift For Everyone

Yoga lava bracelets are a fantastic gift for families and friends, like anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day, weddings, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, thanksgiving, etc.