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Twisted Copper Energy Bracelet


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Vendor: Lucky Charms SKU: 13572018-copperTags: Copper, Health, Magnetic, Pain Relief


This is a unique magnetic bracelet that is made from copper and can be worn by both men and women


Benefits of Copper

It has multiple benefits; wearing this bracelet can help heal your stiff joints, joint pain, and every kind of arthritis. It is believed that this has some powers that activate the healing system of your body. It has some anti-inflammatory properties that aid in joint pain of arthritis and reduces inflammation.

It conjointly has some amazing mineral absorption properties that are good for those having mineral deficiencies in the body. It releases zinc and iron, which combines with the sweat and is absorbed in the body and directly goes into the bloodstream. It acts as those mineral supplements that are given in case of deficiency.

Deficiency of copper will cause your blood cholesterol levels to be high, which in return can cause damage to your heart. This bracelet is ideal for your health. It also boosts up your immune levels. It reduces toxic effects and stimulates your body to make additional hemoglobin. It is also well known for its anti-aging properties.

It is not only for your external body; however, inside also, therefore wear the copper bracelet and look younger and feel energetic.

Benefits of Wearing Copper Bracelet For Pain Relief

It induces such mechanisms in the body that, in turn, causes the blood flow to increase. It conjointly reduces all types of pains and promotes relaxation. Increasing blood flow in your body makes you healthier; it removes all toxins and improves your healing capacities.

This bracelet additionally reduces inflammation in your body that is typical because of any infection. It also keeps your body’s soft tissues relax and gives you the sensation of relaxation. It induces sound sleep, and individuals with insomnia or any other sleep disorder can use this to assist themselves.

Why this twisted copper energy Bracelet?

It is a floral design bracelet with antique copper plating that offers you all potential benefits. Along with this, it is super trendy and can be worn anyplace.